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Other Major Gods

(Aesculapius, Asklepios)- Paean-healer.

Legendary physician and god of medicine, snakes, healing and revival of the dead. He was the son of Apollo and Coronis, a beautiful maiden of Thessaly. Angry because Coronis was unfaithful to him, Apollo killed her and took his infant son to the centaur Chiron to be raised. Asclepius learned all that Chiron knew about the art of healing and soon became a great physician. Because he committed the unpardonable sin of raising a man from the dead, the god Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt. The serpent and cock were sacred to him.


Queen of the Sea. The goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon. He chose her to be his wife from among her sisters as they were performing a ritual dance. She refused him and fled. Poseidon sent a dolphin after her and it took her back. After he married her, he rewarded the dolphin by making it a constellation and placing it in the heavens.


Father Time. The Old King. Father of the Gods. The Great Lesson-Giver. Ruler of the Golden Age. God of time, fate, agriculture, abundance, Earth's riches and prosperity. Kronos, the youngest Titan, who gained his power by castrating his father Uranus. By his sister Rhea, he fathered the great gods (the Olympians): Zeus, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Hestia. Zeus later led the Olympian gods in defeating him. Cronus is equated with the Roman god Saturn.


Nature Goddess. Mother. Eternal Mother. The Sorrowing Mother. Corn Goddess. Grain Mother. Auxesia. Chloe(the young green). Earth Goddess. Despina. Doorway of the Mysterious Feminine. Mistress of Magick. Guardian of Marriage. Patroness of women. She was sister to Zeus, and goddess of fertility, vegetation, fruitfulness, agriculture, productive soil, crops, corn, the plow, initiation, renewal, rebirth, civilization, law, motherhood, marriage, maternal love, fidelity, magickal philosophy, expansion, higher magick, all growing things. She had various lovers, including her brother Zeus. One of her children was Persephone (by Zeus), who was carried off by Hades (god of the underworld), and in her grief, Demeter let the earth grow barren (winter) and only when Persephone was returned to her, six months of the year, did she let the earth become fruitful again (summer). Demeter is the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in general. Sacred to her are livestock and agricultural products, poppy, narcissus and the crane.

lame god

Horned God. Savior. The bull-horned God. The Roearing One. The Iniated. Bromios(the thunderer). Dithyrambos(twice born). Eleutherious(the liberator). Iacchus. Lenaeus(lord of the wine press). Liknites. Dendrites(Fertility God). He was the god of fertility, revelry, vegetation, pleasure, ecstasy, total abandon, woodlands, iniation, rituals, rebirth, regeneration, civilization and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. Dionysus was one of the most important Greek gods. He was thought to be the son of either Zeus and Persephone or of Zeus and Semele (and born from Zeus' thigh after Semele's death in this version). Dionysus was attended by a carousing band of satyrs, maenads, and nymphs. His worship was characteristically drunken and orgiastic. He was good and gentle to those who honored him, but he brought madness and destruction upon those who spurned him or the orgiastic rituals of his cult. He taught humans viticulture but was capable of dreadful revenge upon those (e.g., Orpheus and Pentheus) who denied his divinity. According to tradition, Dionysus died each winter and was reborn in the spring. To his followers, this cyclical revival, accompanied by the seasonal renewal of the fruits of the earth, embodied the promise of the resurrection of the dead. The Romans identified him with Liber and Bacchus, who was more properly the wine god.


Goddess of childbirth. She was a daughter of Zeus and Hera. In some tales she is immeasurably ancient (before Zeus/Hera); she was said to have mid-wived the gods and goddesses of classical Greece. Some legends even call her the mother of Eros, not the god of love, but the primordial force of creation hatched from the world egg.

The are the three goddesses of revenge. Eumenides ("protectors of the suppliant", "the well-disposed ones") or the Semnai ("the venerable ones"). They are solemn maidens dressed as huntresses, wear bands of serpents. They pursue wrongdoers and torment them in ways that make the criminals wish they were dead. Crimes that especially draw their attention are disobedience toward parents, ill-treatment of the elderly, murder, violation of the law of hospitality, and improper conduct toward suppliants. Born from the castrated Uranus's genitals. The Furies had snakes for hair and blood dripped from their eyes. They also had batsí wings and dogsí heads.
Alecto- Unceasing in anger.
Megaera- The grudging or unwilling.

Tisiphone- The avenger of murder.

erotic love

Amor. Eleutherious- the Liberator. God of sensual love, power, sexual prowess, bringing together, ertic love and sensual desire. There are two versions of this god. In early mythology he was represented as one of the primeval forces of nature, the son of Chaos (and brother to Gaea), and represented the attraction that brings people together (marriage, friendship, etc. Soon, however, he was thought of as a handsome and intense young man, attended by Pothos ("longing") or Himeros ("desire"). Later mythology made him the constant attendant of his mother, Aphrodite, goddess of love (In this version he represented lust). In most stories he was the son of Aphrodite and Ares and was represented as a winged youth armed with bow and arrows with which he shot darts of desire into the bosoms of gods and men. In Roman myth, under the name Cupid or Amor, he was the naked infant son and companion of Venus.

The Fates
(The Moirae)
The three powerful goddesses who determined the lives of men from the time they were born to the time they died.
Clotho- the spinner, who spun the thread of a personís life.
Lachesis- the apportioner, who decided how much time was to be allowed each person.

Atropos- the inevitable, who cut the thread when you were supposed to die.


(Also Gaia or Ge) Her name is the first syllable of words like geography, geometry, geology, etc.. Gaea is the the earth goddess. Earth Goddes. Great Goddess. Mother Earth. Broad Bosomed. Great Mother. Universal Mother. Supreme Goddess. Primeval Prophetess. She is regarded as all-producing and all-nourishing, and one of the dieties of presiding over marriage. Goddess of earth, marriage, death, motherhood, agriculture, fertility, dreams, chhance, divination, oracles, healing. She was the mother of Cronus, by Uranus, her son. Gaea was also the mother of the Titans, the Gigantes, and the Cyclopes. The Romans called her Tellus.

They were three monstrous daughters of the sea god Phorcys and his wife, Ceto, and could change men to stone at a glance. The Gorgons, whose faces and figures were truly beautiful, were, even so, terrifying, monstrous creatures covered with impenetrable scales, with hair of living snakes, hands made of brass, sharp fangs and a beard. The hero Perseus killed Medusa and brought back her head, with the help of the deities Hermes and Athena. From her blood sprang the winged horse Pegasus, her son by the god Poseidon. Their triplet sisters, the Graeae (see below), guarded the way to the Gorgon's home beyond the sea, almost at the end of night.
Euryale- Far-roaming.
Medusa- Ruler.
Sthenno- Forceful.


The Three Graces
Charis. Graces. Triad of Moon Goddesses. Goddesses and personifications of delight, graces, pleasures, decorum, purity, happiness, goodwill, kindness, gratitude, charm and beauty in life. Goddesses of nature and fertility, closely associated with the underworld and the Eleusinian mysteries. While the Muses inspire artists, the Charities apply the artists' works to the embellishment of life. They were dancing goddesses; they represented the grace of manners (for they were always gentle and polite), and the greatest grace, the gift of love itself, which these goddesses ruled with Aphrodite.
Aglaia- Splendor. The brilliant, shining one.
Euphrosyne- Joy, Good Cheer. The one who makes glad.

Thalia- Mirth. The abundant, flowering one.

(Graii, Graiae)
Grey Goddesses. Goddesses of war, retribution and divination. The three "old women" or "gray ones". They are the daughters of Phorcys (a son of Gaia and Pontus) and Ceto (his sister). The Graeae are the sisters and the guardians of the Gorgons.
Enyo- Horror.
Deino- Dread.
Pemphredo- Alarm.



She was the daughter of Zeus and Hera, and the goddess of youth. She was cup-bearer, along with Ganymede to the major gods (they alone were allowed to pour the nectar of the gods on Olympus),. She also, as part of her duties, prepared Ares' bath and helped Hera to her Chariot. She is also mentioned as being one of the Horae, and had the power of restoring youth and vigor to gods and men. She was the wife of Heracles (after he became a god). The Romans called her Juventas, which means "youth".


Crataius. Triple Goddess with Luna and Diana. Most Lovely One. The Distant One. The Crone. Queen of the World of Spirits. Snake Goddess. Great Mother. Great Goddess of Nature. Lady of the Wild Hunt. Patroness of priestesses. Goddess od abundance, eloquence, night, the moon, the dark hours, the underworld, witchcraft, amazons, witches, the waning moon, dark magick, prophecy, charms, spells, vengeance, expiations, aveting evil, enchantments, riches, victory, wisdom, transformations, reincarnation, incantations, dogs, purification, prosperity, destruction, limits, ends, choices, crossroads, annihilations, curses, sky, earth, fertility, wealth, magickal charms, hauntings, destructive storms, revenge, change, renewal, regeneration. Hecate brings good luck to sailors and hunters or can withhold these blessings if undeserved, so fear became a motivating factor in her worship. When Persephone was found with Hades, Hecate remained with her as attendant and companion and as a result has a share in the ruling over the souls in the underworld. Because of her unearthly aspect she is regarded as a kind of queen of witches. She is the goddess of darkness, and the daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria. Hecate represented the darkness and the terrors of the night. On moonless nights she was believed to roam the earth with a pack of ghostly, howling dogs. She was the goddess of sorcery and witchcraft and was especially worshiped by magicians and witches, who sacrificed black lambs and black dogs to her. As goddess of the crossroads, Hecate and her pack of dogs were believed to haunt these remote spots, which seemed evil and ghostly places to travelers. In art Hecate is often represented with either three bodies (since she combined the attributes of Selene, Artemis, and Persephone) or three heads, and with serpents entwined about her neck.


The Hours or Seasons. Guardian Goddesses of Nature and Rain. They rule law, justice and Peace. Protectresses of the young. The Horae are the goddesses of the seasons and the orderly procession of things in general. They are also the collective personfication of justice. Hesoid, who saw them as givers of the law, justice and peace gave them the names Eunomia (Discipline), Dice (Justice) and Eirene (Peace). At Athens two of the Horae, were called Thallo and Carpo, and to the Athenians, represented the budding and maturity of growing things. As a result, Thallo became the protectress of youth.

Mountain Goddesses. Aganippides. Goddesses of springs, memory, poetry, singing, arts and sciences. From their name words such as music, museum, mosaic are derived.
Calliope- Muse of eloquence and epic or heroic poetry.("beautiful voice")
Clio (Kleio)- Muse of history.
Erato- Muse of lyric poetry, particularly love and erotic poetry, and mimicry.
Euterpe- Muse of music and lyric poetry, joy and pleasure and of flute playing
Melpomene- Muse of tragedy.
Polyhymnia (Polymnia)- Muse of the sacred hymn, eloquence and dance.
Terpsichore- Muse of Dance.
Thalia- Muse over comedy and light poetry.

Urania- Muse of astronomy and astrology.

divine vengeance

Virgin Goddess. Rhamnusia. Nemesis is the personification of divine vengeance. Goddess of justice, retribution, veneagence, law, punishment, destiny and divine anger against mortals who broke moral laws and taboos. Happiness and unhappiness are measured out by her, determining that happiness was not too frequent or excessive. If so, she brings about losses and suffering. She is one of the assistants of Zeus, and is the daughter of Nox (Night).


Little God. Horned God. Goat-foot God. The Horned One of Nature. Woodland God. Ruler of all Nature Spirits. Protector of Flocks. Patron of shephards, hunters. God of herds, flocks, shephards, forests, wildlife, fertility, nature, male sexuality, animals, woodlands, vocal powers, gardening, healing, plants, music, dance, farming, medicine, soothsaying, agriculture, bee-keeping, fishing, orchards, gardens. He was the son of Hermes, and the god of flocks. He had the head and torso of a man, but the hindquarters and horns of a goat. He was a great musician with the pipes. He was considered a symbol of fecundity because of his lustful nature.

bringer of destruction

Cora. Libera. Kore. Core. Queen of Hades. Pherephatta. Corn Maiden. Maiden. Destroyer. Queen of the Underwold. Crone asspect of the Goddess. Despina. Goddess of fertility, death, corn, the seasons, the underworld, rest, winter, the survivor, overcoming obstacles. She was the goddess of springtime and, after her abduction by Hades, the queen of the underworld for six months of each year. The mint and pomegranate is sacred to her. Persephone raised Aphrodite's child Adonis.


Idea. Idean Mother. Great Mother Goddes. Earth Goddess. Universal Mother. Supreme Queen of Heaven. Adrasteia(she whom none can escape). Goddess of plant life and fertility. She was a daughter of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth). She married her brother, Cronus. A prophecy told Cronus that one of his children would overthrow him. So to forestall that happening Cronus swallowed his children as they were born. Those children were Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades and Poseidon. Rhea, finally, decided to fool Cronus and at the birth of her next child, Zeus, she presented Cronus with a large stone wrapped in blankets, which he, thinking it was Zeus, promptly swallowed. As foretold Zeus eventually overthrew Cronus, who was made to regurgitate the children he had swallowed. Rhea is also known as Agdistis.


The Greek goddess of the moon, magick, spells and enchantments and daughter of Hyperion and Theia. Her twin brother is the sun-god Helios and her sister is Eos (dawn). At night, she rose from the ocean and with her chariot, drawn by white horses (or oxen) she rode through the sky. She had 50 daughters by Endymion and three by Zeus. Selene, also called Mene, wasn't worshipped much, unlike her Roman counterpart, Luna, who was far more popular.


Mother Goddess. Earth Goddess. Punisher of the guilty. Goddess of order, justice, law, collective consciousness, social order, peace, settlement of disagreements, righteousness, feasts, social gatherings, oath-swearing, wisdom, prophecy, chilbirth, courts and judges. Personification of law and order. Protector of the innocent. Themis is the goddess of the order of things established by law, custom and ethics. By Zeus' command, she convenes the assembly of the gods, and she is invoked when mortals assemble. Another Titan, she is the mother of the Horae (seasons), the Fates, the Hesperides and Prometheus.

The Titans

Personifications of the forces of nature. (By most accounts they numbered twelve). They were children of Uranus and Gaea. Often called the Elder Gods, they were for many ages the supreme rulers of the universe and were of enormous size and incredibly strong. They were: (six brothers) Oceanus (the river that flowed around the earth), Coeus, Crius, Hyperion (the father of the sun, the moon, and the dawn), Iapetus (the father of Prometheus, who created mortals), and Cronus (Kronos; he was the most important of the Titans and ruled the universe until he was dethroned by his son Zeus, who seized power for himself.) and (six sisters) Theia, Rhea, Themis (the goddess of divine justice), Mnemosyne (the goddess of memory), Phoebe, and Tethys (wife of Oceanus). Others included Atlas, Clymene, Dione, Hecate, Prometheus, Leto, Astraeus, Eurybea, Ophion, Pallas, Epimetheus. Of all the Titans only Prometheus and Oceanus sided with Zeus against Cronus. As a result, they were honored and the others were bound in Tartarus. Eventually, however, Zeus was reconciled with the Titans, and Cronus was made ruler of the Golden Age.

king of the mountains
Overhanging heavens. Father of the Gods. Great God. God of the sky and heavens. Personification of the sky. Gaea (Earth) with Chaos, produced Uranus, the Mountains and the Sea. From her union with Uranus was born the Titans and the Cyclopes. Uranus hated his children and hid them within Gaea's body. Gaea pleaded with them to avenge her. Only the Titan Cronus obeyed her. When Uranus approached Gaea, Cronus sprung upon him and cut off his testicles. Some of the blood spattered on Gaea and from the blood was born the Furies and the Giants. The genitals were tossed into the sea producing a white foam from which was born Aphrodite.

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