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Wicca 101 Examination

 1. What is Wicca?

 2. What is Magick?

 3. Define the Wiccan Rede and the Law of Threefold Return?

 4. What are the two aspects of Deity in Wicca?

 5. Name five tools used in ritual and their purpose.

 6. Name the elements and their corresponding directions.

 7. Name two symbolic items you might put at an altar station for
each direction.

 8. Describe how you would set up an altar in your home.

 9. What is the difference between an Esbat and a Sabbat?

10. Name the eight seasonal festivals and give brief descriptions.
(Include dates)

11. Why is Samhain so important?

12. Describe two Rites of Passage. (your choice)

13. What is never allowed in Circle?

14. What is a magickal name and why would you want one?

15. What is smudging?

16. What is "skyclad?"

17. Define Widdershins and Deosil.

18. How do you consecrate a tool?

19. What are the basic tools you need to conduct a ritual?

20. What is the difference between a pentacle and a pentagram?

21. Draw the appropriate symbol for each of these items:
    a. Pentagram
    b. The Goddess
    c. The God
    d. Altar

23. What are the three aspects of the Goddess?

24. What are the three aspects of the God?

25. Name one Goddess or God from any pantheon and what She/He

26. You are doing a candle working to help you with the stress at
your job. When you dress the candle, which direction do you apply the
oil and why?

27. What is a Book of Shadows?

28. What is the difference between an Athame and a Bolline?

29. If you want something to decrease or go away, during which phase
of the moon would you work?

30. Name two good color combinations for the Goddess and God candles.

31. What color candle would you use for the following workings:
    a. Develop psychic abilities
    b. Emotional healing
    c. Purify and protect your home
    d. Bless your pet
    e. Help you study
    f. Bring success and good luck

32. True or False:
    a. Gardnerian Wicca is worshipping in a garden.
    b. "Skyclad" means you wear blue
    c. You must be Wiccan to be a witch.
    d. You would invoke the Quarters to protect sacred space.
    e. The Croning Rite is performed when a woman reaches menopause.
    f. Wiccaning commits a child to being a Wiccan.
    g. A rune is an ancient temple.
    h. Meat should never be used as an offering.
    i. Lughnasadh is the second harvest.

33. What is the primary task of a Dedicant?

34. What is the primary task of an Initiate?

35. What is the Summerland?

36. Name a Law of Magick and explain it briefly.

37. Give a Law of Wicca.

38. Give a rule of Circle conduct.

39. Name a Wiccan tradition and describe it briefly.

40. What does Wicca mean to you in your life?

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