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Invocation of Being

Long have we wandered
 and been apart from her shores.
Long have we flown on unseeing wings.

The eagle soars high on boundless feeling.

Long have we felt groundless
 without root, or presence.
Long have we been valient in the name of love.
Long have we allowed nameless fears to limit our possibilities.

The forest continues it's endless cycle of the ages.

Long have we felt alone
 in expectant solitude.
Long have we danced our own lives
 to the dream of wisdom.
 to the unbearable void of ourselves

The tide washes evenly on deserted shores.

Foreever we are one.
Forever we ignite our being
 in the elemental fire of our spirit.

The golden age dweller.
The playful sprite.
The hooded wanderer.
The tortured seeker.

The power of being
 is ours to hold.
The beauty of now
 is here for the taking.

Forever and tonight,
we bathe in the majesty of wonder.

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