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Tree- Alder
Date- Mar 18-Apr 14
Lore- The Alder, like the Willow, is a water-loving tree. Its timber is oily and water resistant and therefore used extensively for underwater foundations: parts of Venice and many medieval cathedrals were built on Alder piling. Bran the Blessed, or Benegeit Bran, is the god linked with this tree in the Ogham alphabet. He is reputed to have used his body to raise his followers above the dangerous waters, as the wood does when used as a building material. Mortally wounded in the battle whith the Irish, Bran prophesied the events that would follow his death, instructing his followers to cut off his head and carry it with them. They travelled to Harlech, where the head sang for seven years; then to Gwales, he head remaining uncorrupted and prophesying the while. Eventually, they came to rest in London, Caer Llyndain, and buried Bran's head at the White Mount, or Bryn Gwyn, now the site of the Tower of London. It was held that as long as the head remained concealed it would give protection against plague from across the sea. King Arthur, it is said, once dug it up; an unwise action, since the Saxons then invaded the country.
Meaning- Spirituality, teaching, weather magick, duty, mental prowness

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