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Candles and Their Attributes


Black Grounding, banishing, disolves negativity, dark moon energy.
Red The life force, red blood cells, passion, survival energy, heat.
Orange Sexuality, fertility, power, pride, vitality, mood raising, emotions.
Yellow Manifesting, intellect, psychic development, self-confidence, power.
Green Prosperity, healing, harmony, renewal, success, money, growth.
Rose Healing, self-love, trust, friendship, peace, emotional peace.
Blue Peace, blessings, healing, speech, expansion, fidelity, creativity.
Indigo Spirituality, psychic opening, karma, connection with others, meditation.
Purple Meditation, connection with Goddess, spirit contact, protection, calming.
White or Clear All-aura, all-colors, all-healing, contacting the other world, focusing.
Silver Lunar energy, dissolves negativity, psychic development, the Goddess.
Gold Fast luck, overcoming obstacles, healing, intuition, understanding.
Magenta Penetrates the planes, healing, change of luck (burn with other colors).
Brown Earth energy, financial success, business, earth spirits, elementals.
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