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Valentine's Day Superstition

It was often believed that a woman could determine the kind of man she would marry by the first bird she saw on Valentine's Day.

Blackbird- Priest, a clergyman or religious figure

Bluebird- A happy man

Crossbill- An argumentative or bad-tempered man

Dove- A good-hearted man

Goldfinch- A rich man (especially if it was a yellow goldfinch)
Hawk- A soldier, a warrior or a brave man

Owl- A man who would not live long

Robin- A sailor

Sparrow- A happy man

Woodpecker- The woman will never marry

These are superstitions and not true omens. A thorough knowledge of the birds in the individual's environment may prove that there is a greater likelihood to encounter certain birds every day, while never encountering others. An unusual or untoward behavior of a bird may provide indication of something unusual in the offing, but would not indicate one's future mate. Such beliefs, though, can be amusing entertainment and add fanciful fun to days like Valentine's Day. Ted Andrews: Animal-Speak

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